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Youth SCRABBLE Resources

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Here are examples of the forms that you may need for clubs and tournaments. You can adapt the forms to meet your needs.

  • Player Scorecard - Used for players to track game results.
  • Results Slips - Used to designate blanks, to record challenges, and to report final score.
  • Score Sheet - Used to record score for both players and optionally, to record words and tiles played.
  • Simple Score Sheet - Used to record score for both players. This score sheet provides more space to calculate the score and may be easier to use for some players.
  • Tracking Sheet - Used to track tiles played. Useful in conjunction with Simple Score Sheet.

Software and Applications

Click here to find applications that support the NASPA Word List and in some cases, the NASPA School Word List as well.

Those applications include:

  • NASPA Zyzzyva - Word judge and study.
  • Ulu - Word judge and game timer.
  • Aerolith - Word study.
  • Anagrams and other games.

Study Sheets

Click here to download study sheets with the 2- and 3-letter words, common bingos, and other useful words to learn.

If you print these on two sides of a brightly colored paper and then laminate them, the cheat sheets will last for several years.

Tips and Guides