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Tournament Committee Help Wanted

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The Tournament Committee is seeking interested directors and organizers to fill several open positions. The Committee is hoping to assess the tournament scene and think about how we can improve the tournament sanctioning process in the upcoming year.

Members of the Tournament Committee...

  • Process tournament sanctioning requests and add tournaments to the NASPA Calendar on a rotating basis
  • Process and investigate Incident Reports, and pass them up to the Advisory Board as necessary
  • Process and discuss requests for disability accommodations
  • Discuss and enact policies regarding tournament formats and sanctioning
  • Participate in occasional conference calls and an annual meeting at the NASC

On average, Committee members spend 5-10 hours per month on Committee duties, with an increase when they are charged with processing tournament sanctioning requests or when Incident Reports are filed. Most of work involves communicating via the TC listserv, where the traffic fluctuates from about 70-250 messages per month.

To learn more about the Committee, please refer to the NASPA website - http://scrabbleplayers.org/w/Tournament_Committee - you are welcome to contact any member of the Tournament Committee to get their perspective on their participation.

We are seeking candidates who…

  • Have experience as a tournament director/organizer
  • Are familiar with the NASPA Rules and Code of Conduct
  • Possess solid communication skills and can add fresh perspective to committee discussions
  • Work well with others

The committee is also looking to gain a sense of how tournaments across North America are functioning to better shape tournament policies. We encourage NASPA members from different regions and of different ratings to apply. If you are interested, please submit a message expressing your interest and outlining your qualifications to info@scrabbleplayers.org.