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NASPA AB Elections - Vote now!

June 01, 2015

The NASPA Advisory Board serves as the voice of the membership to the Executive Committee. The NASPA members who volunteer to serve on the Advisory Board have an important voice in rulings, policies, and standards that affect the game; they advise the Executive Committee on issues of policy and communicate with the membership on the Executive Committee's behalf; and they are the appellate body for players facing disciplinary actions.

Four years ago, the first elected positions were added to the Advisory Board. As the membership has called for more voice, more democratic processes and more transparency, the current Advisory Board has responded by moving to a structure that will comprise half elected representatives and half representatives who are nominated by their predecessors. Two members will serve from each of five geographic regions, with two additional 'at large' seats.

This year, all NASPA members are asked to vote in the Advisory Board elections. If you live in the west or the south, you will be voting for your regional representative and an at-large representative. All members in all regions are invited to vote for the at-large representative.

To learn more about the candidates, please read their platform statements: http://www.scrabbleplayers.org/w/2015_Advisory_Board_Elections

To vote, log in to Member Services and click on Vote: http://scrabbleplayers.org/cgi-bin/services.pl

Voting will be open from June 1 through June 30. Thank you for participating in this important election!