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NASC Entry Fee Increasing Soon

Entry fees for the North American SCRABBLE Championship increase by $50 as of midnight on June 1, so we encourage you to register now and secure your spot at the biggest event of the tournament year.

Click here to register for the tournament.

We already filled our room block at the Silver Legacy, but we were able to expand the block, so there are now plenty of rooms available. Please remember that you must book your room by 5:00 p.m. PT on July 1 to receive our group rate.

NASPA guarantees that 1st place prizes in each division will be at least as high as last year. Following are the guaranteed 1st place prizes in each previously contested division:

Division 1 - $10,000

Division 2 - $2,500

Division 3 - $2,500

Division 4 - $1,250

Division CSW-1 - $2,500