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Canadian Committee 2015 Report

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The Canadian Committee has prepared the following contribution to NASPA's 2015 collection of reports on committee activity.

In the 12 months since the NSC was held in Buffalo, it has been a quiet time for NASPA’s Canadian Committee (CC).

The CC organized its annual election process and ran the election in which two of its six members are either replaced or re-elected. The result of the 2014 CC election saw Siri Tillekeratne win another three-year term by acclamation for his region (Western Canada/Territories) and Andy Saunders replace Lisa Kessler in the Ontario region a two-person election.

The CC assisted Tony Leah in setting qualification rules and guidelines for Canadian players for the upcoming major tournament in Perth, Australia.

Ottawa was chosen as the Canadian host city for the 2014 Can-Am Challenge matches which will take place on the last weekend of August. The event will be hosted by the Ottawa Scrabble Club with Ross Brown handling the organizational details. There was no CNSC in that time period, but the CC members were asked to casually examine the qualifying rules and actual tournament rules from the 2013 CNSC to see if any tweaks are needed for future CNSCs. In anticipation of a CNSC being held in 2016, the CC began accepting bids for potential hosts for qualifying tourneys. We received an affirmative response from the Vancouver Club.

John Robertson (On behalf of the NASPA Canadian Committee)