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ZMF-II instructions

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Your NASPA ZMF-II should have come configured for sanctioned SCRABBLE play. If not, or if you manage to change the settings and aren’t sure how to change them back, here are the instructions you should follow.

  1. If the clock is turned on, turn it off by sliding the black switch on top to the right.
  2. Turn the clock on by sliding the black switch on the top to the left.
  3. If the clock now alternates between showing SCRABBLE and 25:00 25:00, and you do not need to configure for Speed SCRABBLE play, you are done.
  4. If the clock display does not light up, you need to correctly insert four “C” batteries in the compartment on the bottom of the clock, and go back to Step 1.
  5. Press and hold the center square button for at least five seconds, until the display starts flashing HH:MM HH:MM.
  6. Tap either round player button once; the display should show PLAY - - - -.
  7. Keep tapping a round player button to advance to the next setting item, and confirm that they read as follows. To change a setting item, press the square button to start changing it, the round buttons to change the value shown, and the square button to stop changing it. If you miss one, just keep tapping a round button until you get back to the beginning again.
    • SOUN ON
    • LED ON
    • FIDE OFF
    • SCRA 25 - Enter the length of the SCRABBLE game in minutes. Overtime will be 10 minutes.
    • BYO YOMI
    • HOGL 00.0
    • P-00 000
    • INC 00
    • DEL F 00
    • MM:SS - Setting the time here will reset SCRA to OFF. Leave this setting alone.
    • HH:MM - Setting the time here will reset SCRA to OFF. Leave this setting alone.
  8. Tap the round player button until you get back to the PLAY - - - - screen, and then tap the square button to save your changes.
  9. The clock can store three different profiles, and should ship set for SCRA BBLE 25:00 25:00, SCRA BBLE 22:00 22:00 and SCRA BBLE 03:00 03:00. To continue setting the next profile, press the square button and return to Step 5.

For more information, please see the complete instructions in PDF format.