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If you have questions about NASPA, please read the [[frequently asked questions]] before contacting the appropriate committee member.
If you have questions about NASPA, please read the [[frequently asked questions]] before contacting the appropriate committee member.
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== NASPA Twitter Feed ==
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You are viewing a private wiki used by the North American SCRABBLE Players Association (NASPA) to provide information about the association and its services. Unlike public wikis, this wiki can be edited only by NASPA committee members. Like public wikis though, we have a large group of volunteers dedicated to keeping our information current and accurate.

If this is your first time here, please take a look at the navigational sidebar on the left to see a list of popular sections of our website. Most of the links point within NASPAWiki; some point to our web apps or non-wiki content. In particular:

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If you have questions about NASPA, please read the frequently asked questions before contacting the appropriate committee member.

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