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* "the NSA" but no article before NASPA or NASPAWiki
== Linking ==
== Linking ==

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Please obey the following rules when editing content at this web site.


Words should be spelled as shown in the current edition of TWL. Where variant spellings are given, use the more common and note the choice you made below. When given a choice between American and British spellings, use the American.

  • LIGHT, not LITE
  • "the NSA" but no article before NASPA or NASPAWiki


  • Link (only) the first occurrence of each phrase in a section to the appropriate internal wiki page.
  • Where possible, avoid direct external links in unrelated pages by providing an intermediate internal page explaining or summarizing the external page. For example, link NSA rather than NSA.
  • Contact information for committee members should be placed only in their individual pages, so that if it changes, only one page needs to be edited.


The NASPA logo is available in the following formats:

Wiki (135×112 pixel GIF)
200×100 pixel GIF as used in the NASPA home page
high-resolution PDF


  • Always write SCRABBLE, never Scrabble.
  • Always use SCRABBLE as an adjective, not as a noun.
  • Add the ® symbol to the first or more prominent use of the trademark on each page; do not add it to subsequent uses.