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(deferred agenda items concerning meaning of membership)
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* [[Mad Palazzo]], chair
* [[Mad Palazzo]], chair
* [[Tony Leah]]
* [[Larry Rand]]
* [[Larry Rand]]
* [[Tony Leah]]
The Committee has the following items on its agenda:
The Committee has the following items on its agenda:

Revision as of 19:35, 21 March 2009

The Membership Committee is a NASPA committee established to look after the needs of NASPA members.

It currently consists of the following:

The Committee has the following items on its agenda:

  • recruit additional members
  • prepare a long-term plan for what membership means (see also current membership policy)
    • how many tiers of membership there should be
    • eligibility for sanctioned tournaments
    • electronic newsletter access
    • print newsletter subscription
    • lifetime membership
    • determine the cost of each tier of membership
    • determine the benefits of each tier of membership
  • work with the Web Committee to implement an online membership database and payment system
  • provide ongoing support for membership status inquiries