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Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the
#REDIRECT [[Frequently asked questions]]
North American SCRABBLE Players Association.  Please check
to see if your question is answered here before you
[[contact]] us.
# What is the difference between [[NASPA]] and the [[NSA]]? <br />As of 2010-01-01, [[Hasbro]] will no longer be providing regular funding to [[SCRABBLE]] clubs and tournaments.  As a result, over the course of 2009, the NSA will transfer responsiblity for clubs and tournaments to the newly formed NASPA, leaving the NSA to concentrate on developing new markets for SCRABBLE in areas such as School SCRABBLE.
# Who is in charge of NASPA? <br />The [[Steering Committee]] is tasked with managing the transition from the NSA to NASPA. Its co-chairs are [[Chris Cree]] and [[John Chew]].
# How can I help? <br />If you would like to volunteer with any of NASPA's activities, thank you! Please contact a member of the appropriate NASPA [[committee]].
# Will I have to pay more to play SCRABBLE? <br />Yes. It takes money to run an organization. Hasbro is no longer providing that money, so for the foreseeable future, players will be charged higher fees than under the NSA regime.
# What will I get for my money? <br />NASPA is a player-run organization committed to expanding the playing community by continually improving its services and your playing experience.

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