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Competitive club SCRABBLE play in Canada and the United States is administered by NASPA and its Club Committee.

Types of Clubs

There are two types of club listings available.

NASPA-sanctioned Clubs:
We maintain a club roster listing the NASPA-sanctioned clubs that meet across North America and their meeting times.
Casual Clubs:
The Casual Club listing may be found at the National SCRABBLE Association Casual Clubs web page. Club directors who choose that option as their only listing will not be listed on the NASPA club listing. If you choose that option you will find a form on that page to fill out to list your club.

List of NASPA-sanctioned Clubs

The current list of clubs is available at the club roster page.

Clubs will be listed when their annual $30 sanctioning fees are paid. The initial sanctioning fee will be valid until the end of 2010. Thereafter, ongoing club sanctions will begin on January 1 and end on December 31.

Club websites may be listed as long as they do not contain inappropriate material or links to inappropriate material as periodically reviewed by the Club Committee.

Unless otherwise requested, only the first director listed in the response to the NASPA request for club information will be listed.

Registering a Club

To register a new club, complete the club listing application and send it to Mary Rhoades along with your first year’s fee.

The regular annual club sanctioning fee for NASPA clubs is US$30. This and all other fees can be paid in a variety of ways, as explained in our payment page.

Clubs who pay their fee one month or more before their sanctioning period expires are entitled to a five-dollar discount, and pay only US$25.

Clubs whose director receives four new-member referrals between September and December 2010, or ten new-member referrals during 2011, will have one year added free to their club sanctioning period. Clubs with more than one director may pool their referrals to qualify for this offer. To apply for this offer, please contact John Chew after qualifying.

In order to maintain registered status, clubs must meet the following criteria:

  • Club sanctioning fees must be paid when due.
  • The club director must be a sanctioned director, having taken and passed the director test.
  • Club directors’ NASPA membership status must be current and in good standing.

Changing Club Information

Please send changes of club location, address, email, website or anything shown on your club listing to Alan Stern.

Registration Benefits

  • Listing of clubs on the NASPA website
  • Future website features for club directors only
  • Exclusivity: Unless all club directors concerned have agreed, only one sanctioned club will be permitted to meet on any given day of the week within a 50-mile radius. The $30 fee entitles the director to this exclusivity on one day of the week of his or her choosing. If a director wants a club to meet on more than one day of the week, the director may pay additional $30 fees to obtain this same exclusivity, or not pay additional fees and not receive exclusivity.