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2015 Rule Changes

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Revision as of 13:27, 11 September 2015 by Jancardia (talk | contribs) (Additional changes approved by Rules Committee as of 9-11-15)

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II.C. Director’s Discretion

Change 2nd line to read: The Director should keep in mind that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a player benefit from an irregularity that he or she helped to create, and no player should be harmed by an irregularity that he or she did not help to create.

Add as 3rd line: The Director should also keep in mind that a situation can still be rectified as long as tiles have not been commingled and the board has not been changed in any way, regardless of the starting of a player’s clock. Should a clock have been started before the mistake was discovered, the Director should determine whether that time should be awarded back to that player, and that time would be added to the time left at the end of the game.

IV.F.1 How to Designate the Blank

Add as 2nd line: If printed, you MUST use capital letters for the blank designation.

Change a. to read: If you did not properly designate the blank in writing, your opponent should request that you do so and restart your clock.

IV.I.2 Holding the Play

Add as 3rd line: If, in the middle of a courtesy draw, your opponent states a desire to challenge, you are not to remove any additional tiles from the bag.

IV.J.1Software Self-Lookup Procedure

(move current n. to now be o.)

Change n. to read: A second opinion may be suggested or a re-adjudication may be requested of the same word(s) already adjudicated up until the time that 1) tiles have been commingled or 2) a subsequent play has been placed on the board and the clock started.