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2011 World SCRABBLE Championship Canadian qualification system

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This page outlines the criteria that will be used to select the players who will represent Canada at the World Scrabble Championship (WSC) in 2011.

Registering for the Qualification Process

Players wishing to register for the qualification process can do so by contacting any member of the Canadian Committee.

Registered Player List

The following players have registered for the qualification process: Andrew Golding David Boys John Chew Nick Ball Tony Leah

Qualification Period (QP)

The qualification period begins on Jan 1, 2010 and ends May 31, 2011. A qualification tournament (QT) will be held sometime in the summer thereafter.

Note: Tournaments that are in progress at the beginning or end of the QP will be considered to fall within the QP.

For example: Albany 2009/2010 – The main event will be in progress on Jan 1 and will be considered to fall within the QP.


Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible.

Temporary residents (TRs) are eligible with the following restrictions:

• TRs must register for the qualification process on or before December 31, 2009.

• TRs must reside in Canada for the entire period between the start of the QP and the end of WSC 2011.

• TRs are only eligible for spots that are awarded based on Peak Rating (PR) or the qualification tournament (QT).

Available Spots

Canada will be represented by eight players in 2009. This means that the number of spots available is expected to be between seven and nine in 2011.