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Membership Committee procedures

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This article describes Membership Committee procedures, and should be reviewed and updated regularly by Membership Committee members.

Adjusting expiry dates

A member’s expiry date can be edited using the membership database editor, but this should only be done in unusual circumstances to correct a previous error. Adjustments to expiry dates should be posted to the membership committee mailing list, with an explanation for the adjustment; this information should also be added to the notes field in the player record. The membership editor must not be used for processing renewals or new memberships, or else player accounts will not balance, and membership expiries may automatically revert to earlier values in future.

Processing International Reciprocal Membership Requests

Under certain conditions, some players are eligible for free membership under the terms of International agreements. On receipt of a request, perform the following steps.

  1. Verify eligibility, which usually consists of checking residency and membership in a partner association with whom we have a reciprocal agreement. If ineligible, explain why to the applicant and stop. If eligible, continue.
  2. Check to see if the player is already in the NASPA database, either because we keep records of top-level competitive play, or because they are a past NASPA member. If not, follow the procedure to create their membership record before continuing. (If yes, just continue.)
  3. Edit their player membership record:
    1. insert a note explaining why the membership is being renewed
    2. assign them the next membership number (if they are in the database but are not a member
    3. update the expiry date to the end of the month in which they need it to be active:
      1. the current month if they are making a NASPA Store purchase
      2. 2 months after the month of their planned NASPA tournament attendance)
    4. then send them an automated welcome message and stop.

Processing memberships and renewals

The important principles to remember are:

  1. Do not manually enter membership information without checking to make sure that it hasn't already been entered, either into the provisional player database or the membership database.
  2. Make sure that payment information is entered, with a matching invoice.
  3. Do not adjust membership expiry dates manually.
  4. If you run into a situation where it looks like you have to break one of these rules, email John Chew to see if there is something seriously wrong.

If you’re not sure what to do, start here at Step 1 and follow the instructions below.

  1. Did member pay for membership online? Yes: 2. No: 7.
  2. Is the member's membership current? Yes: 3. No: 6.
  3. Do they want another welcome message? Yes: 4. No: 5.
  4. Welcome them, and go to 5.
  5. You’re done.
  6. Ask John Chew to investigate the billing issue.
  7. Have we received payment from the member? Yes: 8. No: 15.
  8. Do you know if the member filled out a form online? Yes: 9. No: 11.
  9. Did the member fill out a form online? Yes: 10. No: 12.
  10. Was it a new membership? Yes: 11. No: 13.
  11. Use the Process Offline Membership tool. Did it work? Yes: 5. No: 12.
  12. Ask John Chew to investigate the offline membership/renewal issue, then go to 5.
  13. Use the Process Offline Renewal tool. Did it work? Yes: 5. No: 12.
  14. Use the Membership Editor tool to create or update their membership record, then go to 10.
  15. Tell the member that their membership will be activated when we receive their payment, then go to 5.

Manually adding members

This procedure is for manually adding members to the database. It should only be followed for members who do not sign up online themselves.

  1. Log onto the membership database editor using your regular NASPA (not NASPAWiki) password. If you are told that you do not have permission to access the editor, ask a member of Web Committee to grant you that permission.
  2. Search for the new member in the database. The database includes all rated members, and it is essential for the correct functioning of the rating system that existing members be assigned their new NASPA IDs rather than that new records be created for existing members. If you aren't sure, query the member.
  3. If a new member is found, edit his/her record. Add their NASPA ID (“next”) and expiry date (“2010-12-31”) by clicking on “Set up new member”, and update any contact information that came with the payment.
  4. If you need to add a new member, enter their NASPA ID as “next” and then their full name, before clicking the button to add them. Once you have added the record for the new member, enter their expiry date and contact information as above.
  5. If the member has provided an email address, click on the “Welcome” button to send them their welcome email.
  6. Make sure that John Chew is advised of the membership fee paid, if any.

Reassigning NASPA IDs

At present, reassigning a NASPA ID requires ssh access, and therefore requests (typically associated with upgrading regular members to committee members) should be referred to John Chew

  1. At the shell prompt, carefully enter:
 renumber-player OLD_NASPA_ID NEW_NASPA_ID