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NASPA Zyzzyva is a word study and word adjudication program. Support requests should be directed to the Zyzzyva user group at zyzzyva-users@yahoogroups.com; bug reports or enhancement requests should be directed to the Zyzzyva Committee.

Supported Operating Systems

Zyzzyva is freely available to anyone and runs under Linux, Windows 98 or later, and OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later on a 64-bit (Intel Core 2 Duo or later) processor.

There is a separate iOS app version of Zyzzyva, developed for the now dated iOS 6. Soon after our acquisition of Zyzzyva, we learned that its iOS app is not compatible with iOS 8. Work is proceeding on bringing the iOS app up-to-date, but we do not yet have a timeframe for completion.

Current Version

Version 3.1.0 adds the OTCWL2016, SSWL2016 and CSW2015 lexicons.

It continues to include the OTCWL2014, OTCWL2 (2.1), OSPD5, SSWL2015, OSPD4.1, CSW2012 and the Volost (Antarctic) lexicons.

Word list availability may be restricted by licensors to current NASPA members.


Michael Thelen wrote the original version of what was then Zyzzyva, and maintained it for many years as it gained worldwide popularity. Zyzzyva has been used at software self-lookup stations at most North American SCRABBLE tournaments, including BAT, Oregon TILE, the Dallas Open, the National SCRABBLE Championship, National School SCRABBLE Championship, the Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship and the World SCRABBLE Championship.

In September 2014, NASPA bought all rights to Zyzzyva, and we have worked since then with our SCRABBLE partners to ensure licensed access to all the official word lists for our members.

Ross Brown has continued development of the desktop edition of what became NASPA Zyzzyva, with Michael Donegan taking over development of the iOS edition.

Version History

NASPA Zyzzyva 3.1.0
the official source for OTCWL2016, SSWL2016 and CSW2015 as well as older versions OTCWL2014 and SSWL2015
NASPA Zyzzyva 3.0.4
the official source for OTCWL2014 and SSWL2015
NASPA Zyzzyva 3.0.3
a time-limited test release that expired in May 2015
Zyzzyva 0.9.4
released 2006-01-14, first version to include OTCWL2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The NASPA Zyzzyva FAQ, as with everything Zyzzyva-related, was originally written by Michael Thelen and then transferred to NASPA in 2014.

NASPA will be updating this page as time permits; we welcome specific questions or suggestions at our general inquiry email address, info@scrabbleplayers.org.

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