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Technology Committee Finding 1

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On 2012-10-04, The Technology Committee concluded its tests of the chess clock function (CCF) in the Zarf app, in the version available as of this date, as it would be used on either an iPhone or iPad and reports the following findings.

  1. The Zarf CCF should be deemed acceptable for NASPA tournament play.
  2. The Zarf app on iPad should be deemed preferable to the Zarf app on iPhone.
  3. A properly functioning, member-acceptable stand-alone digital chess-style clock is preferable to Zarf on either iPad or iPhone at this time. The TC will make recommendations to the Zarf app writer for improvements to the app (presently the option to orient the numbers, a larger stop button on iPhone) and restrict ease to get out of program), and reassess the app when changes are made to it.

As of 2012-10-04, this report has been submitted to the Executive Committee, who will refer it to the Rules Committee; no date has yet been determined for when it will take effect.