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NASPA Store Procedures

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If you are involved in the administration of the NASPA Store, here are the procedures that you'll need to know.

Buying Merchandise

For licensing reasons, NASPA merchandise (including OTCWL2014) is only available to NASPA members. To help someone buy something, either help them log onto the store using their NASPA ID and password, or log on using your own. Then follow the prompts to make and pay for the purchase.

Refunding Purchases

If a member requests a purchase refund before an order ships, give them a full refund of the purchase amount including shipping. If they request the refund after the order ships, offer to refund the purchase price not including shipping when they return the ordered merchandise in resalable condition.

If the member paid for membership solely to make a store purchase and ask for a refund of their membership fee on this basis, check that they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. In their transaction history the membership purchase immediately preceded the store purchase.
  2. They have not competed in any rated tournaments since their membership purchase.
  3. They have not been granted any Zyzzyva licences.
  4. The member is sure that they never want to be a member again (we don't want to repeatedly incur overhead charges)

If so, in addition to processing the refund as below, cancel the membership by doing the following:

  1. Set their membership expiry to yesterday’s date
  2. Add a note to their membership record indicating that they understand that they are banned from future membership and why.

To process the refund:

  1. Click the “Mark as Refunded” button on the order.
  2. Refund them as appropriate using our credit card merchant services virtual terminal if payment was originally by credit card, or mail them a check if payment was originally in cash or by check.
  3. Use the Create Invoice tool to create an invoice with a negative value identifying the refunded amount.
  4. Use the Record Received Payment tool to create a payment record with a negative value identifying the refunded amount.

Responding to Clock Malfunctions

If someone reports that a clock purchased from the NASPA store is malfunctioning:

  1. Confirm that the person purchased the clock from us.
    Use the Show Orders tool, found in the NASPA Store section of Member Services.
  2. Reply to them, politely saying that Roberto Socorregut rsocor01@hotmail.com, the clock manufacturer, is handling service requests for us directly. When doing so, copy Roberto on the email and confirm the date of purchase.

If the clock is restarting in the middle of a game, the issue may be that the person is hitting the clock too hard and resetting the batteries in the compartment. To reset the batteries properly in the battery compartment, roll the batteries with your thumbs until they are properly set.

Shipping Merchandise

To see what orders have been paid for and need to be shipped, use the Show Orders tool, found in the NASPA Store section of Member Services.

Some addresses require special handling:

Correctional facilities
For various reasons, we are unable to deliver merchandise to correctional facilities. Before shipping, check delivery addresses to make sure that they do not correspond to correctional facilities. If they do, contact the purchaser to ask them to provide an alternate delivery address.
Club delivery
If the delivery method is hand delivery at a designated NASPA club within your territory, take the order to the club's next convenient meeting, give it to the purchaser, then click the button in Show Orders to mark the purchase shipped.

Otherwise, if the delivery method is to a postal address within your territory, click the link in Show Orders to view the delivery address, copy and paste it into a label form, print it, affix it to the shipping container, and take it to the post office. Then click the button in Show Orders to mark the order shipped.

Tracking Shipments

The easiest way to see what has been logged concerning an order is to search specifying the purchaser’s NASPA ID together with order status “(any)”.

Find the order in question in the search results, then click on Details. Each shipper is individually responsible for keeping track of tracking information; contact the shipper identified by NASPA ID in the order log.