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The following message went out to our iContact list on 2014-10-13:

MSI SCT Announcement

SCRABBLE Champions Tournament Update

[From time to time, we will share important messages from our partners, such as this one, from Mind Sports International. - John Chew, Copresident, NASPA]

October 13, 2014

Dear NASPA Members,

After two years successfully touring across Europe and the USA, the UK plays host to the first ever Mindsports International World Championships.

At this unique and groundbreaking event, players from across the globe will converge on London to play their favourite Mindsports chess, Scrabble™, Magic: The Gathering and many others in a bid to be crowned champions in their chosen sport.

You don’t have to be a genius to take part in one of our London events, we have a number of tournaments to cover all levels but if you are a more serious player you will be pleased to know that some of the top players in the world will be playing in the main event for a £10,000 prize pool. Following the success from last year's Scrabble Champions Tournament in Prague, London is set to show the world it can do it just as big, if not better!

Check out our schedule for a full list of tournaments on offer during the Mindsports International World Championship this November: https://www.mindsportsevents.com/events/mind-sports/2014/11/mind-sports-international-world-championships/scrabble/


Fancy finding out who you could be staring down across the board at the MSI World Championships? Well if you click here: https://www.mindsportsevents.com/events/mind-sports/2014/11/mind-sports-international-world-championships/sct-players-list/ you can view who's attending and competing in the Scrabble Champions Tournament.

For those wishing to play recreationally, there are day tickets for sale and multiple tournaments each and every day for you to enjoy your favourite Mindsport to try your hand at new ones. This is very much an opportunity for all players to take part, no matter your skill level. There are a multitude of events for everyone and anyone, from the starter who just wants to play a few hours, to the seasoned enthusiast who will be on site as long as they can!