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IContact 20140411

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The following message went out to our iContact list on 2014-04-11:

SCRABBLE Word Showdown Winner

GEOCACHE Triumphs Over Interjections (BOOYAH, EW), Philosophy (ZEN), and Social Media Darlings (BESTIE, RETWEET)

Our new fave to appear in next word list updates this year!

Dear NASPA Members,

GEOCACHE will play a starring role in the next Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary and the Official Tournament and Club Word List.

SCRABBLE © 2014 Hasbro. US and Canada Only. All Rights Reserved.

Scoring the most votes during Hasbro's Word Showdown, GEOCACHE will be spotlighted in the dictionary for weathering all that competition, and will get top billing over all the others.

GEOCACHE and its verbal inflections will be acceptable at this year's National School SCRABBLE Championship in Providence, RI and at this year's National SCRABBLE Championship in Buffalo, NY.

Thousands of new words chosen through the regular process will also be published in the 5th edition of the Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary and the 3rd edition of the Tournament Word List.

Playability of all the new additions will take effect in official competitive play at some point after the August 11 release, giving our players an opportunity to learn and start to incorporate these words into their SCRABBLE repertoire.

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