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IContact 20140130

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The following message went out to our iContact list on 2014-01-30:

Monthly Message for January 2014

Bursting Tournament Calendar!

The 2014 NASPA tournament calendar is rife with opportunities for all players to experience tournament play.

As of January 30, there are approximately 150 main event tournaments sanctioned for the remainder of the year, with an additional 85 early birds, late birds, bus birds, and Collins divisions. There was even a "Loony Bird" earlier this month in Akron, Ohio, for those loony enough to desire another 4-game event after a 13-game day! That is 235 events, plus the 35 events that have already taken place this month, plus those yet to be sanctioned! That is a lot of SCRABBLE play!

Get your game on!

Congratulations to this past month's divisional winners!

Adam Logan (2 wins!), Marlon Hill, Judy Horn, Randi Goldberg, Jeff Clark, Gary Skowronski, Stephen Henney, Peter Hopkins (2 wins!), Evan Berofsky, Aldo Cardia, Verna Richards Berg, Steve Sikorski, Mike Frentz, Bruce Ward, Allen Bennett, Laurie Cohen, Yvonne Knickerbocker, Mack Meller, Laura Wolfson, Lucy Tancredi, Diana Grosman, Nancy Hanley, Sinna Vijayakumar, Yvonne Lobo, Will Robertson (2 wins!), Travis Carlson, Lisa Brown, Matthew Bernardina (2 wins!), Nicholas Miklaucic, Dave Wiegand, Jesse Day, Edward Zhuang, Bill Rexhausen, Denise Mahnken, Winter (2 wins!), Linda Wancel (3 wins!), David Postal, Liam Hopfensberger, Josh Kopczak, Sharmaine Farini, Leslie Millard, Matthew Williams, Eric Tran, Linda Slater, Chad Finley, Joshua Sokol, Norma Lovett, Jim Kramer, Steve Pellinen, Troy Thompson, Beth Palmer, Rafi Stern, Walker Willingham, Jane Bissonette, Tyler Creviston, Matt Graham, Vicki Kahn, and Michael Donegan.

There are 24 main events on the calendar for February with plenty of divisions and birds.

See you on the circuit!

Chris Cree