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The following message went out to our iContact list on 2013-11-27:

Monthly Message for November 2014


World SCRABBLE Championship aka SCRABBLE Champions Tournament

Best of luck to the NASPA members participating in this year’s World SCRABBLE Championship; the SCRABBLE Champions Tournament, being held Dec. 3-8 at the Andel’s Hotel in Prague, Czech Republic.

Representing the USA:

Attempting to qualify for the Championship via the on-site qualifying event: Bob Linn, Jean McArthur, Sandy Nang

Representing Canada:

Attempting to qualify for the Championship via the on-site qualifying event and official team alternate: Andrew Golding

NASPA Copresident, John Chew, will be providing the technical wizardry that we have become accustomed to while renowned international director, Wilma Vialle, will once again direct the event.


Lord, thank you for our families. Family is an ever evolving entity. We are ever growing in number and in spirit. We have all traveled many different paths to arrive at particular gatherings on Thanksgiving Day. Lord, bless us all on this day. Thank you for our bounty.

Happy 93rd birthday, Daddy. I love you.