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HKSPA Agreement

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In April 2019, the International Committee finished negotiating the following agreement with the HKSPA.

Agreement Text

NASPA agrees to:

  1. Publish this agreement on its webpage at http://www.scrabbleplayers.org/w/HKSPA_Agreement and to advertise it to its members.
  2. Grant complimentary NASPA membership to HKSPA members resident in Hong Kong who are registered to play in NASPA-sanctioned tournaments, thereby exempting them from the normal requirement of paying for association membership to participate in official events.
  3. Grant access to HKSPA officials to NASPA's membership database query tool so that they may verify membership status of NASPA members intending to play in HKSPA events, and provide timely technical support for this service via email at info@scrabbleplayers.org.

The HKSPA agrees to:

  1. Publish this agreement on its website at http://hkscrabble.org/about/international-agreements/ and to advertise it to its members.
  2. Grant free entry for NASPA members in two charged HKSPA events per year, and entry at member rates thereafter.
  3. Offer the lowest permissible discount rates at the time of purchase for NASPA members purchasing our products (e.g. T-shirts).
  4. Provide contact information to verify membership status of HKSPA members intending to play in NASPA events.

This agreement has been ratified by the NASPA Executive Committee.