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First tournament

From NASPAWiki

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We asked our members what they wished they’d known before they played in their first tournament, and here are some of their replies. To contribute to this list, please email us at info:scrabbleplayers.org.

  • Play in a club first: playing face-to-face is different from playing online. Practise using a game clock and keeping score.
  • Don’t underestimate the physical effort involved in playing all day. Prepare for the event like preparing for a run: be well rested and watch what you eat and drink.
  • Don’t expect to win a lot of games, even in a novice division, and don’t be discouraged: everyone starts the same way.
  • Be familiar with the basic Player Rules.
  • If you go to a large tournament, do expect to see some of your favorite characters from Word Freak.