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2018 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship qualification system

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This page describes the system by which 52 entrants will qualify to compete in the 2018 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship, which takes place on June 15–18, 2018.

It is subject to review by the Canadian Committee.


The Tournament Director for this event is John Chew. He may be contacted by email (including INTERAC transfers) at poslfit@gmail.com, by phone at +1 416 876 7675, or by mail at 9 Fulton Avenue, Toronto ON M4K 1X6.


  • All participants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada from the time of their registration, to the end of the competition.
  • All participants must be NASPA members in good standing from the time of their registration, to the end of the competition.

How to register

  • Any eligible player may register by submitting their entry fee as described below.
  • If the entry fee is received at or before a deadline of 11:59 P.M. EDT on April 25th, 2018, then the player will be placed on the list of players interested in qualifying on merit, as described below.
  • If the entry fee is received after that time, then the player will be placed at the end of the waiting list of potential alternate players, who will qualify if there are enough cancellations above them.

How to qualify on merit

  • The following players receive special qualification if they register by the deadline:
    1. You are Defending Champion Adam Logan
    2. You are one of 2018 Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship High School Division Champions Ben Lemke or Evan Bialo.
    3. You have one of the two highest peak ratings among registered players from any of the following eight regions: the Atlantic provinces (PE, NB, NS, NL), the North (NU, NT, YT), ON, QC, MB, SK, AB, or BC.
  • The remaining registered players will qualify based on the following criteria:
    • Those who have a peak rating will be ranked by that peak rating.
    • Any remaining who do not have a peak rating but do have a tournament rating will be ranked by current tournament rating (TWL or CSW).
    • Any remaining who do not have a tournament rating will be ranked in order of receipt of entry fee.
  • If more than 52 players register by the deadline, then the excess will be ranked as above and placed on a waiting list, to qualify if players above them cancel.

Qualification period

  • Players wishing to qualify on rating do so on the basis of their qualifying peak rating (PR) during the qualification period (QP)
  • As announced at the 2016 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship, the QP began immediately following the 2016 CNSC.
  • The QP for the 2018 CNSC will end on April 25, 2018.
  • Tournaments in progress at the end of the QP will be considered to have fallen within the QP.
  • The QP for the next CNSC will begin immediately following the conclusion of the 2018 CNSC.

Peak rating

  • A player’s PR is defined as his/her highest rating that satisfies the following conditions:
    • It is achieved at the end of a NASPA-rated tournament in either the TWL or CSW rating system.
    • It is achieved during the qualification period.
  • If two or more players have the same PR, then the tie will be broken by each player’s second highest PR-eligible rating.
  • If the players are still tied, the tie will be broken by lottery.

Entry fee

  • Submitting the $75 entry fee signifies a player's interest in playing in the 2018 CNSC. Payment will be accepted as follows:
    • Cash delivered in person to the Tournament Director
    • Cheque delivered in person or by mail to the Tournament Director
    • INTERAC transfer to the Tournament Director
  • Entry fees will be held in trust pending confirmation that a player has qualified to play. If a player does not eventually qualify, then their entry fee will be refunded or go uncashed at the discretion of the tournament director.
  • Entry fees will be refunded promptly in full if a player contacts the Tournament Director by email prior to 11:59 P.M. EDT on April 25th, 2018; after that time, they will be refunded in full the week after the Championship if 52 players compete in the Championship.

Current standings

Current qualification standings will be updated regularly until the close of the qualification period. If you believe you have been wrongly omitted from the list, contact the Tournament Director.


Here is the list of alternate players, in case one of the qualified players has to cancel their plans:

  1. Jim Carlton (withdrawn)
  2. Heidi Robertson
  3. Sharmaine Farini
  4. Josh Greenway
  5. Betzy Collins
  6. Mireille Huneault
  7. Lynda Wise
  8. Lisa Kessler
  9. Sid Lashley
  10. Jillian Bathgate
  11. Grant Rowland
  12. Sharon Janssen
  13. Peter Hopkins
  14. Sheena Dash
  15. Vivian Minden (withdrawn)


Any dispute regarding the application or interpretation of any of the above rules and guidelines will be resolved by the Canadian Committee, whose decision will be final.