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2018 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship News Archive

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This page archives 2018 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship player news items that are no longer current.

While no contracts have yet been signed, we are looking at holding the championship on June 15-18 at the Bond Place Hotel. We are not looking at any other candidate dates or venues, and if negotiations proceed as smoothly as usual, we should have a formal announcement ready by the end of February.
Contracts remain unsigned, but approvals are expected soon. The Canadian Committee has finished deliberating about proposals to change the format of the event, which will be published shortly.
Draft qualification system posted. Registration opened.
We have budgetary approval and are waiting for contracts to be reviewed.
Contracts have been approved with minor changes, and are awaiting signatures.
All contracts have been signed, the event is confirmed. Email will go out this weekend to all Canadian players, regardless of registration status.
I’ve followed up with my hotel contact asking about the status of a guest room block, and expect to hear back in a day or two. I have queued up email to go out to all Canadian NASPA members announcing the tournament.
I will be incommunicado while travelling to Malta beginning at about 16:00 ET on 2018-04-25; I estimate now that the final player roster will be ready on the evening of 2018-04-26, as long as I can get a report about what arrived in my mail on 2018-04-25 and who made entry fee payments at the Toronto Scrabble Club that night.
We still do not have a room block available at the hotel, but I have updated the accommodation section to list a player in Mississauga who has a guest room available at their house.
We almost have a room block at the hotel (waiting for one minor contractual adjustment); the room rate of $219 plus tax (group code "Hasbro") will include WiFi but not parking ($25/day in the hotel garage, check-in at 3:00 P.M. and check-out at 11:00 A.M.. There will only be ten rooms (five single queens, five double, possibly negotiable) available at this rate, and bookings will have to be made by May 16, so please stay tuned. I've updated the equipment section to indicate that we likely will not have enough tile bags and racks for everyone; please check it again before packing for your trip.
The room block contract has been signed. It's possible that the rooms are already available; if you book one, or have trouble booking one, please let me know.
I have added a reservation link for the room block contract below.
One of our players asked if the hotel was willing to honour the published group rate for an extended stay after the CNSC; they were. The beds offered by a player in Mississauga have been spoken for.