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2016 Canadian School SCRABBLE Invitational

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In 2016, the inaugural year of the Canadian School SCRABBLE Invitational, ten top teams of School SCRABBLE competitors will join the adults competing at the 2016 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship in an event of their own.

Live Coverage

Live results will be posted as they are entered at the event website.

Event Format

Ten two-player teams will compete in three rounds of play on Friday, May 13th. The top two teams will advance to a two-round final match on Monday, May 16th. The winning team earns a $750 donation by Hasbro Canada to their school library or council; the runner-up earns a similar $250 donation.

Exhibition Match

During the lunch break, reigning North American SCRABBLE Champion Matthew Tunnicliffe will attempt to beat all ten teams in simultaneous SCRABBLE games.


For detailed, round-by-round schedule information, please see the more detailed full schedule.


The top six interested Toronto teams from the 2016 Toronto School SCRABBLE Championship, and the top four interested Brampton teams from the same event are eligible to compete in this event.