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2013 World SCRABBLE Championship Canadian Qualifying Tournament Vote

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The location of the 2013 World SCRABBLE Championship Canadian Qualifying Tournament is determined according to the qualifying system by a vote, according to the following rules, originally developed in 2001 by John Chew and David Boys. The rules are intended to fairly distribute the QT venues among host cities on a regular basis.

The Rules

  1. The vote for the QT venue is determined on the basis of those players who have registered in the QS as of the voting deadline, do not have a bye to the WSC (e.g., via the CNSC or preceding WSC) and are eligible and expected to play in the QT taking into account any future tournaments for which they have already registered.
  2. Voters who have not indicated otherwise are deemed to have voted for the city that is nearest to their currently known residence from among: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal.
  3. In the interests of fairness, the rules will sometimes award a player a `carryover vote'. A carryover vote counts as an additional vote the next time we vote for a QT venue. Carryover votes accumulate until cast in a successful vote.
  4. If the director of the QT was not eligible to vote, the director receives a carryover vote.
  5. If a player votes but subsequently qualifies by other means for the WSC and no longer has to play in the QT, the player neither gains nor loses carryover votes, regardless of any of the following rules.
  6. If a player casts a losing vote but attends the QT anyway, the player earns a carryover vote. Here and below, directing the QT counts as attending.
  7. If a player casts a winning vote, all the player's accumulated carryover votes are discarded.
  8. If a player casts a winning vote and does not attend the QT, they are banned from voting for the following QT.
  9. If a player who became qualified to vote after the voting deadline but before the end of the QP travels to play in the QT, the player receives a carryover vote.
  10. If a QT is not held because of an insufficient number of players, then any players who win places through the QT that was not held are considered to have attended for the purpose of computing carryover votes.
  11. If there is a tie among venues in the vote, the venue that least recently hosted the event should be chosen.

2011 Carryovers

The following players have carryover votes from 2011 or past years.

  • 5 Albert Hahn
  • 3 David Boys
  • 1 Dielle Saldanha
  • 2 Emanuel Chicoine
  • 2 George MacAulay
  • 2 Joel Wapnick
  • 2 Randall Thomas
  • 3 Ron Hoekstra
  • 1 Sinnadurai Vijayakumar

2013 Vote

The following players were eligible to participate in the vote. The number of votes they could cast is listed after their name. If an asterisk appears after the player's name, the player elected to vote for a city that was not their default choice as per above.

  • Toronto (8): Tony Leah (1), Geoffrey Newman (1), Shelley Ubeika (1), Andy Saunders (1),
  • Vancouver (3): Dielle Saldanha (2), Dean Saldanha (1)
  • Montreal (2): Andrew Golding (1), Jeremy Hildebrand (1)

Sinna Vijayakumar (2), Robin Pollock Daniel (1), Max Panitch (1)

  • Calgary (0):

Joel Wapnick looks like he is certain to qualify on PR, and is not listed above.