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2013 National SCRABBLE Championship Player Bulletin

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July 11, 2013: Prize Table Updated

Cash prizes for the tournament have been set, and merchandise prizes have been initially estimated. Both are now displayed on the prize table. Merchandise prizes are subject to adjustment (cash prizes are guaranteed).

July 8, 2013: Airport Shuttle Options

Because players arrive at various times over several days, we are unable to coordinate group shuttles. We do offer a ride wanted listing service on the main NSC page, which can be used to coordinate shuttle shares, if desired. Please send your information to nsc@scrabbleplayers.org, and we will list your request and contact information.

Airport shuttle information is available from the McCarran Airport website.

Other websites are:

Las Vegas Airport Roundtrip Transfer from $12.99


Multiple prices and options


Prices from $13.00


We encourage you to compare the available options, and select the service that best meets your needs.

There will be sign up sheets for the return shuttles for ride sharing back to the airport.

May 24, 2013: Equipment Required

Participants in the 2013 National Scrabble Championship are responsible for bringing all equipment necessary to play in the tournament. If neither player in a game has equipment available for their game, a double forfeit may be imposed.

Registration Questions

If you have any questions about your NSC registration, please email us at nsc@scrabbleplayers.org.

American Airlines flight discount

We have negotiated a group discount of five percent (5%) on flights with American Airlines to and from the 2013 NSC. To book your discounted flight, please visit American's group booking site at www.aa.com/group and use the code 7273DN in the "Promotion Code" box.