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Talk:2009 National SCRABBLE Championship

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Area restaurants

Some of these restaurants have marked on the map, but some could not be located. Tapani 21:13, 11 March 2009 (EDT)

  • 5th Street Wine & Deli, 416 East 5th Street (937) 220-9333 [1]: a specialty grocery store with a small dining area.
  • Arby’s 160 South Patterson Blvd: located.
  • Cafe Boulevard, 329 East 5th Street: located.
  • Citilites, 109 North Main Street (937) 222-0623 [2]: at Schuster Performing Arts Center, lunch 11-2, pre-show dinner.
  • Cold Beer & Cheeseburgers, 22 South Jefferson Street: located.
  • Dairy Corner, 368 South Main Street: there are three listings, one in Dayton, one in south Dayton, and one in Waynesville, 19 miles away; the Waynesville listing looks more credible. Deleted.
  • Gallery Grille, 110 North Main Street: exact location not found (possibly inside Fifth Third Center?).
  • Greek Deli, 12 East 3rd Street
  • Hearts Hot Dogs, various addresses found (115 Court Street / 724 Webster St / 314 Vermont Ave); none of these looks like an eatery, all look closed, listed also as catering or consulting firm -- deleted.
  • Jay’s Seafood Restaurant, 225 East 6th Street: jays.com, middle of the block (not visible in street view).
  • Lucky Dragon, 20 S Main St, Dayton, (937) 424-4200 (present on old map, but appears closed; not added).
  • Mandarin Kitchen, 6 S Ludlow St (937) 461-6366: present on old map; appears closed; deleted.
  • McDonald’s, 410 South Main Street: located.
  • Oregon Express, 336 East 5th Street: located.
  • Pacchia, 410 East 5th Street: located.
  • Quizno’s Subs, 38 North Main Street; located.
  • Smokin BBQ, 200 East 5th Street; located.
  • Spaghetti Warehouse, 36 West 5th Street; located (almost sure).
  • Startbucks 1003 S Main St, Dayton, OH 45409, (937) 428-0653: not listed at starbucks.com, deleted
  • Stars Restaurant & Lounge (Crowne Plaza)
  • Subway, 45 South Main Street #A: looks closed, not listed at subway.com. deleted.
  • Super Subby, 1 South Main Street: not identifiable in street view.
  • Swishers Too Cafe, 110 North Main Street: exact location not found (possibly inside Fifth Third Center?).
  • Take a Break, 26 South Main Street: not identifiable in street view.
  • Thai 9, 11 Brown Street: located.