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Slur history

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This page archives information about offensive slurs in NWL2018 that is only of historical interest.

Past Lists of Offensive Slurs

In response to requests from our community, we list all the words in our lexicon that have been labelled as offensive (and with no inoffensive senses) by our lexicographical colleagues, divided into draft categories according to the nature of their offence.

Each word in each category is then listed alphabetically, but with its letters rearranged into alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order in order to obfuscate it from the casual reader. We welcome media inquiries at info@scrabbleplayers.org for a plain list of words.

If the Advisory Board decides to remove slurs (and/or any other category of offensive words), the category assignments will be reviewed.

Offensive Slurs Under Consideration for Deletion as of 2020-07-06

SLUR (race or color): oba soba abckru abckrsu cdeloors cdeloorsu chinoost chinoosst adekry adekrsy adeikr adeikrs adkry agginr agginrs gginor gginors aehlo aehlos beeh beehs ehknoy ehknosy ehikno ehiknos hknoy ehknuy ehknsuy ehiknu ehiknsu abgijoo abgijoos almottu aelmosttu almosttu egginr egginrs cehiint cehiinst afoy afosy aceiiinnnps aciinnnpy acceiiinnnps acciinnnpy aceiiiknnnps aciiknnnpy ceiknpy ceiknpsy acehrstvz acehrsstvz acehrstwz acehrsstwz aehrstvz aehrsstvz ikmos ikmoss aqsuw aqssuw demmot gimmnot ehistwy ehiistw gow gghiosw gosw

SLUR (creed or religion): adgno adgnos yog gimoy ghiosy eghiosy gosy eijstu ceiijstu aceiijlstu aceiijllstuy eiijmsstu eiijmssstu eeiijrsstu eijrstuy eijsstu ejw deejw egijnw ejsw ainnoppst ainnoppsst aimpps aimppss aippst aciippst aeiipprsst aipprsty aippsst eeiopprs eoppry hiopps hiloppsy eeehnsy eeehnssy eeehins eeehinss eeghstz achikss achiksss ahikss ahiksss ehikss ehhikss ehhiksss ehiksss hikmostz diy disy

SLUR (sex or gender): cntu cnstu soh agnnoopt agnnoopst

SLUR (sexual orientation): bdeikllu bdeikllsu bdeklluy bdekllsuy bbmouy bbmosuy cccekkorsu cccekkorssu deiky dekyy aefggir aefggist aefggiorst afggorty afggoty afggy els belos beloss eelss elz eelszz eeilzz eeilszz elyzz acenn acenns aceinnr aceinns aceinnst acnny efioopr efioopst foops afhoopt afhoopst efooprt efooprst foopy eoopv eoopsv

SLUR (gender identity): bcehstu

SLUR (national origin): bceho bcehos begoorrttt begoorrsttt bhknou bhknosu achlo achlos chloo chloos ccehilu ccehilru ccehilsu ccehilstu cehilrsu cehilsstu cehilssu cehilsu adgo adegos adgos ginoz eginosz aaakkn aaakkns eikk eikks cikm cikms eipps eippss acklop acklops eimmop eimmops mmopy aadeghr aadeghrs cips cikps cikpss cipss ikps ikpss denuv densuv abcektw abcekstw opw opsw

SLUR (age): bceilmrsu aabdegrry aabdegrrsy abdeegrry abdeegrrsy eiiklnrw eiiklnrsw

SLUR (disability): cipr ciprs apsz apszz aepsszz

SLUR (gender conformity): cenopy ceinopr ceinopst cnopy aeehlms aeehlmss

SLUR (physical characteristics): abdeil afost aefosst afosst

SLUR (not in a Code of Conduct category): abopwy abopswy abbbu abbbsu adegj adgjo cehiikllsv cehiikllssv cdeeknr cdeeknrs

Other Categories of Offensive Words

ANATOMICAL: aers aeehlors aeehlorss aehloss aehlosss aabdss aabddess aabdesss abbellrstu abbellrsstu abckllos abeillrs abeillsst abeillnsss abeeillnssss abllsy abmooz abmoosz bcklloos bbeioo bdeioos bdooy bbbuy cilt cilst cejnoos cntu cnstu cddeik acddehik acddehiks cdgiikn agooz agoosz egiilrs egiloo egiloos glooy aadhrss aadehrsss aeijssv hjnnoos hjnnooss bmnnstuu bemnnsstuu acdeeehkpr acdeeehkprs ehilopss ehilopsss cghlnos cghlnoss ghlnos ghlnoss effiist effiisst ffisty attw asttw aoowz aooswz eiillw agginnyy agginnsyy

POLITICAL: aabeiorrstu aaborrtuy cmmopsy cmmopssy aefiimnz aefiimnsz bbeilr bbeilrs aaehmrstu aaehmrsstu

PROFANE: addegmnost addgmo adddegmmo addggimmno addgmno adddegmnost adddegmno adddeegmnost addggimnno addgmnos addgmos

PRURIENT: bbjloow bbjloosw bdeffo bffgino bikno bdeikno bgiiknno biknos acckmnos ccekmnos acceekorst acceekorsst cgimmnu cmsu effgin fgiinsst abfru cfku cdefku cefkru cefkrsu acceffku acceffksu acdefhku acdefhksu cfgiknu cfffkou cfffkosu cfksu cfkpuu cfkpsuu cfiktuw cfikstuw aabiijlt aabiijlst ijms ijmss ijzz eijszz cdfikmnu cdefikmnru cdefikmnrsu cdfikmnsu fmoo fmoos ceefhkmorrtu ceefhkmorrstu cefghikmnortu ahmtu ahmstu eiknoo eiknoos knooy agnnoopt agnnoopst chpstu cdehppstu cghinppstu chpsstu aegghrs aegghrss hpstu dehppstu ghinppstu hpsstu acefkrrstu acefkrrsstu cehklosu cdehklosu cehklossu cghiklnosu aknw adeknw aeknrw aeknrsw agiknnw aknsw

SCATOLOGICAL: abhistt abhllstu bhillstu bhillsstu bdehillsttu behillrsttu behillrssttu bghiillnsttu abdmuw abdmsuw ccehhiiknst ccehhiiknsst chinoost chinoosst acepprr acepprrs dhiipst dhiipsst afrt adefrt afginrt afrst beghiost beghiosst ehhiorsst ehhiorssst deemr deemrs deep eeginp ipss deipss eiprss eiprsss eipsss eiiprss eiipssst giinpss ipssy ahst hist abghist abghisst achinst acdehinnst acghiinnnst achinsst ehist ehisst acefhist acdefhist acefhisst adehhist addeehhist adehhisst eehhilst eehhilsst ehhilost ehhilosst ehhiosstu ehhiossstu cehiikkrst cehiikkrsst ehilssst hiilsstt hiilssstt adhilost adhilosst hisst himorsstt himorssstt dehistt ehirstt ehirsstt ehiirstt ehiissttt ehiinssstt eehiinsssstt ghiinstt histty hikorstw hikorsstw drtu drstu

VULGAR: ainpsst ainpssst bchimstu bcehimsstu