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Scrabble Streaming

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NASPA members stream Scrabble content on Twitch, YouTube, and other online platforms. Be sure to tune in and subscribe.

If you stream or post Scrabble content, contact us here to be featured in this directory.

Streamer Profile
Will Anderson

[head shot] twitch.tv/wanderer15

Will's YouTube channel

Will Anderson, the 2017 Scrabble champion, is owned by 3 cats.

Will streams mostly Scrabble - with some Boggle, retro word games, and chess mixed in from time to time - at twitch.tv/wanderer15.


Will also hosts a YouTube channel where you'll find Will not only playing Scrabble and other word games but also offering tips and lessons on Scrabble, such as the Better Know a Letter series, and highlighting great moments in Scrabble history.


David Eldar

[head shot] twitch.tv/deldar182

David Eldar, commonly recognized as the 2nd best player in the world, streams lots of Scrabble content - online matchplay, study sessions, practice against the computer, Aerolith - on his channel: twitch.tv/deldar182.


He also streams the popular video game Age Of Empires 2 on occasion.

Mark Garrod

[head shot] twitch.tv/llamaste37

Mark (or Rob) Garrod is an 1800-rated NWL player from Michigan. He’s a lover of euro-style board games, escape rooms, meditation, national parks, and, of course, Scrabble.

Mark has been streaming club and tournament games at twitch.tv/llamaste37 thus far and tries to create an inviting atmosphere for players of all levels by explaining his thought process behind plays.


He enjoys teaching and would like to mentor interested beginning and intermediate players on stream. Please contact him through Twitch if you are interested in discussing that possibility.

Josh Greenway

[head shot]
NASPA Tonight

Josh Greenway is the host of NASPA Tonight, the YouTube Live talk show all about Scrabble.

Josh is a tireless promoter of all things Scrabble and was honored with NASPA's Person of the Year award in 2019 for contributions in social media and live streaming.

You can watch players from across North America discuss all the Scrabble news and topics of the day on NASPA Tonight, a 70+ episode live web series on YouTube.


Back in 2018, Nick Ivanovski wrote this insightful article about NASPA Tonight and Scrabble broadcasting in general.

Mina Le

[head shot] twitch.tv/vhyacinth

Mina Le is a 1700-rated New Jersey player who placed 6th in the CSW division of the 2019 Championship.

Mina plays games live at twitch.tv/vhyacinth and talks viewers through her thought process on every move. She aims for her channel to be the premier place for beginners to learn how to improve their Scrabble game, as demonstrated in real-time play.


Matthew O'Connor

[head shot] twitch.tv/64bitscrabble

2017 Junior World Scrabble Champion Matthew O'Connor streams education sessions, game analyses, and blitz matches with other experts on his channel, twitch.tv/64bitscrabble.


Annette Obrestad

AnnetteObrestad.png twitch.tv/churrrrrrrrrro

Annette Obrestad is a former professional poker player and currently a YouTuber. She mostly does makeup content, but occasionally reviews hotels in Las Vegas.

She got into Scrabble more seriously during the pandemic after having played Words with Friends for years. She stumbled across a NASPA live stream covering the Tournament of Champions that was played on Scrabble GO. She made the switch and found online play - now, of course, on Woogles!

She does not consider herself an expert by any means but really enjoys the strategic aspects of the game, and even though her word knowledge could be better, she likes to think she does okay still. She has yet to play in any live tournaments, but hopes to dip her toes in the future and get to meet everyone as well.

She does not stream anything in particular - just random games that she plays - nothing that's organized. But when Woogles run tournaments, she might stream them. She does not have set times for streaming - just whatever fits with her schedule. Check out her channel: twitch.tv/churrrrrrrrrro.


Jeffrey Pogue

Pogue.jpg twitch.tv/doublejayy

Jeffrey Pogue is the two time North American School Scrabble Championship (NASSC) co-champion and loves to play Scrabble as much as possible. He comes from the youth side of the Scrabble community, competing mostly in youth tournaments locally, but also sometimes playing against the bigwigs.

Jeffrey offers an alternative to the expert play of many other streamers, preferring to "throw for content" in order to make as entertaining a stream as possible. Despite this, you can still expect a mid to high level performance most of the time, with explanations on thinking for beginners and entertaining tales for everyone else.


Because of school, he does not have a consistent stream schedule, but he tries to go live about once a week or two. He also sometimes streams similar yet different games from scrabble, like Crossword Island Hopper and Chess. You can find him and his chaotic streams at twitch.tv/doublejayy.

Heidi Robertson

[head shot] twitch.tv/heroinetobirds

Heidi Robertson is a Scrabble club director and member of the NASPA Advisory Board.

Heidi streams Scrabble games on Fridays and Sundays.

Follow Heidi’s Twitch channel at twitch.tv/heroinetobirds.

Heidi Twitch.jpg

Austin Shin

[head shot] twitch.tv/austinho9

Austin Shin is a Scrabble Grandmaster and a former UK and US National Champion.

Austin streams Scrabble games through the Woogles and Scrabble GO platforms and offers tournament game analysis, other word games, and in-person Scrabble games with other fun twists along the way!

Follow Austin’s Twitch channel at twitch.tv/austinho9.

Austin Twitch.jpg

Josh Sokol

[head shot] twitch.tv/axcertypo

Josh's YouTube channel Scrabble Clips

Josh Sokol is a top North American expert and the most active Scrabble streamer on Twitch - twitch.tv/axcertypo.

He also streams live music and is known for his exploits playing Scrabble blindfolded.


He has two YouTube channels:

  • The Scrabble Clips channel, which finds the best clips from all Scrabble broadcasts on Twitch and redirects viewers to the respective channels of each featured creator
Jen Cranberry Thomsen

Cranberry.png twitch.tv/gallara_dragon

Brooklyn (NY) player Cranberry streams every other night - usually around midnight Eastern - with a Scabble game before and sometimes after the main game played.

Cranberry plays an old DOS shareware version from 1986, but it can still be a challenge to beat. She plays casually but is interested in challenging (and streaming) live players via Woogles.


Cranberry notes that while it is definitely not the most formal Scrabble streaming experience, it might be of interest to those who want to see where we came from as far as computer Scrabble and AI.