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Since January 2010, NASPA has kept track of rated games played using the SOWPODS lexicon in a SOWPODS rating system separate from the regular rating system, which continues to be used for games played using the OTCWL lexicon. At the time of the new system's inception, three recent events whose players had been advised ratings were pending were retroactively rated.

Players who compete regularly at an international level often prefer to play SOWPODS games domestically as well, and to have those games count for ratings. Since the nature of the game varies significantly according to the lexicon used, the ratings are kept separate.

NASPA recognizes that while many members want to play rated SOWPODS games on a regular basis, many more prefer to play OTCWL. NASPA does not have any plans to discontinue the OTCWL lexicon in the foreseeable future.

Differences between the rating systems

A game played at a NASPA-sanctioned event is rated only once, either in the regular system or the SOWPODS system, not both. The SOWPODS system works exactly as the regular one does, with one exception. If a player has a regular rating but not a SOWPODS rating, they will enter the SOWPODS system with their regular rating, not a rating calculated based on their debut event performance. New player career game totals will start at zero, regardless of the source of their initial rating, so if a player’s SOWPODS playing strength differs substantially from their regular strength, their rating will converge rapidly.

Current ratings

The database of current ratings is updated immediately when the results from a tournament are processed. You can access the current rating information in the following ways:

You may also be interested in the tournament results (cross-tables) that contributed to these ratings.

You can estimate your new rating after a tournament by using the Rating Calculator.

Monthly ratings

For the sake of historical continuity dating back to a time when ratings were not available online and printing and shipping costs were significant, a monthly rating list is published near the beginning of each month. This list includes the results of all events that have been received as of when the list is finalized. When there are events which take place near the end of a month, and directors are late in submitting rating data, those events may count toward the following month’s rating list. Directors are encouraged to use the most recent available ratings for placing players in their tournaments.

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Questions and Answers

I have a WESPA rating and a NASPA rating but no NASPA SOWPODS rating. What will be my initial NASPA SOWPODS rating?
Your NASPA rating.
Can a NASPA-sanctioned SOWPODS event also be WESPA-rated?
Yes, provided it meets the requirements for both, and fees are paid to both organizations. See the page on directing SOWPODS tournaments for more information.
Will NASPA SOWPODS ratings be used for qualification to SOWPODS events like the WSC and Causeway SCRABBLE Challenge?
Probably in some way, but that's up to the Canadian Committee and International Committee to determine.