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Rules Committee 2014 Report

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The Rules Committee has prepared the following contribution to NASPA's 2014 collection of reports on committee activity.

As the Chair of the Rules Committee, I get asked questions about a scenario that is "not quite" covered by the rules almost weekly. I bring these questions to the committee for discussion. Sometimes we feel that a change is not warranted, needing to rely on Director's discretion. Other times, we feel a need for clarification or for a whole new rule. I then write up a proposed wording, which is either approved or discussed further.

The majority of this year's 26 changes are simply tightening up a rule or rewriting for clarity.

I already have 6 items on the agenda to discuss for next year's update. It is a work in progress.

I am happy with the changes that we have made, and I feel that this coming year's rule book does a good job of addressing most situations.

I recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with the rules!

Jan Dixon, Chair