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International agreements

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From time to time, the NASPA International Committee negotiates international agreements with our partner organizations around the world, to further fraternity with these organizations and to benefit our members who like to play in SCRABBLE tournaments when they travel overseas. We think of it as like being able to use your local museum membership to gain admission to a foreign museum, or being granted entry to a foreign social club on the basis of your local club membership.

Each agreement reciprocally confers certain benefits of association membership. Our overseas visitors typically may play in NASPA tournaments without having to pay for a separate NASPA membership, while NASPA members can typically play in overseas tournaments under whatever the terms to which are local members are subject.

Each agreement describes how tournament directors may verify the membership status of members applying for reciprocal benefits.

A NASPA tournament directors who wish to activate a reciprocal membership for an overseas visitor should use the regular membership application process to charge the visitor's membership to themselves, then contact info@scrabbleplayers.org to have the charge waived.

Date Association Summary
July 2011 ABSP ABSP members may play in NASPA events without paying for NASPA membership; NASPA members are entitled to ABSP member discounts at ABSP events.
September 2011 ASPA ASPA members may play in NASPA events without paying for NASPA membership; NASPA members are not subject to non-ASPA levy at ASPA events.