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NASPA Advisory Board Elections

July 1, 2015

Congratulations to Josh Greenway, Leah Kruley and Mike Willis, who won the recently concluded election to the NASPA Advisory Board. And thank you to Scott, Cheryl, Paul, Puneet, Betsey, Mike, Sandy, Mina and Matt for their willingness to serve and participate in the democratic process.

A total of 332 votes were cast in the at-large election (a significant uptick from the 180 or so last time!), 35 in the west, and 83 in the south.

Following are the results of the elections:

At Large Member

95 votes (29%) Josh Greenway
73 votes (22%) Scott Appel
49 votes (15%) Cheryl Melvin
48 votes (14%) Paul Avrin
25 votes (8%) Puneet Sharma
22 votes (7%) Betsey Wood
20 votes (6%) Michael Gincel

Western U.S. District

18 votes (51%) Leah Kruley
17 votes (49%) Sandy Nang

Southern U.S. District

46 votes (55%) Michael Willis
22 votes (27%) Mina Le
15 votes (18%) Matthew Bernardina

While we as an Advisory Board did not discuss the possibility of runoff elections in this election cycle, next year's Board is welcome to look into that option.

Additional members of the Advisory Board will be nominated by outgoing members and appointed to represent the northeast, midwest, and Canada to start their terms at this year's NASC -- an announcement will be sent with their names before the NASC begins.

NASPA thanks all of its Advisory Board members for their service to the organization, and especially thanks to Jan Cardia, Judy Cole, Chris Lipe, Art Moore, and Kate Fukawa-Connelly, whose terms are expiring effective August 1, 2015.