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IContact 20140106

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The following message went out to our iContact list on 2014-01-06:


TWL3/OSPD5 Update

The NASPA Tournament Word List - 3rd Edition is scheduled to be released for sale to NASPA members at the 2014 National SCRABBLE Championship in Buffalo, NY this coming August.

NASPA's Dictionary Committee is turning in its research to Merriam-Webster at this time. What we do not know just yet is the exact timeline under which Merriam-Webster will operate.

We know that M-W wants to release the OSPD5 and the TWL3 at the same time. We know they want to do that at this year's NSC. What we do not know today is how long it will take to have a definitive list of new word inclusions (and any that might be expunged). We are scheduling a conference call with M-W within the next 2 or so weeks to determine as much as possible concerning the exact timeline for editing, prerelease and publication.

Once we know when an accurate updated list is available we will A.) Make it available to our members and B.) determine when the updates will be introduced into official tournament play.

The timeframe from "available to our members" to "determine when they will be introduced into tournament play" will be similar to previous updates.

Look fo another update soon.

Best Regards,

Chris Cree, Copresient