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2011 NSC Early Bird

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The 2011 National SCRABBLE Championship will include a second annual Early Bird tournament, which will for the first time be a rated event. This tournament offers a playing opportunity to a group of players who can play in fewer SCRABBLE tournaments than others: NSC staff and other NASPA directors.


Results will be available online.


In order to play in this tournament, you must be listed as staff or other volunteers on the NSC web page, or you must be a certified NASPA Director in good standing (apprentices welcome).

If you’re interested in playing, please email John Chew to be added to the player roster.

To be included in the pairings, you must check in at the event at the designated time.

Player Roster

  • 1901 Kantimathi, Sam (maybe, but only SOWPODS)
  • 1661 Chew, John (prefers SOWPODS, willing to play OWL)
  • 1470 Jacobstein, Bennett
  • 1194 Bassett, Michael


All events will take place on Friday, August 5, 2011 in the main playing room.

12:15–12:25 P.M.
Round 1
12:30–1:30 P.M.
Round 2
1:30–2:30 P.M.
Round 3
2:30–3:30 P.M.
Round 4
3:30–4:30 P.M.

Entry Fee

A $5 entry fee will be charged at the door to cover the participation fee and a small prize fund.


This event will be played according to NASPA Rules using the OTCWL lexicon. (If four or more players prefer SOWPODS, they will play in a separate SOWPODS division.) Chew pairings will be in effect (with no fixed initial schedule). No division will have more than 16 players.